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406-429-6646 ext. 104 PO Box 118, Winnett, Montana 59087

The PCCD & CEMIST is Hiring!

The Petroleum County Conservation District and the Central and Eastern Montana Invasive
Species Team (CEMIST) is seeking a professional program coordinator for up to 40 hrs/week.
The ideal candidate will have an understanding of communities east of the continental divide
and a basic knowledge of invasive species in Montana, their treatment, and their prevention
methods. The coordinator will focus on working with CEMIST members to complete a strategic
plan and action plan and on education and outreach efforts. Work is based in Winnett or
Lewistown, MT. In-state travel is necessary. Salary $18.50-20/hour DOQ. Applications due July
26 by 5 p.m. MST. All documents should be emailed to Visit or call 406-429-4832 for more information.

Central and Eastern Montana Invasive Species Team Program Coordinator

Program Background:

The discovery of invasive mussels in the Missouri River system of Montana triggered an unprecedented response and implementation plan by the natural resource agencies of the state. Foremost in this plan is containment of the mussels and prevention of infestation of other waters within the state. The agriculturally important waters of the Musselshell and Milk Rivers and the spectacular fisheries in the Yellowstone and Bighorn Rivers are in need of protection from aquatic invaders. Maintaining the virtue of those water bodies not infested with mussels and working alongside FWP and DNRC to provide education and outreach to Central and Eastern MT was the focus of this project.

In response to the concern about the spread of invasive mussels, FWP expressed the desire to work with stakeholders in Eastern Montana to identify regional needs. Conservation District representatives and watershed coordinators for the Missouri, Musselshell, Milk, Yellowstone, and Big Horn Rivers coordinated the efforts to establish stakeholders for their area and solicit stakeholder input for their own regional needs. Collectively, these watershed groups formed the Central and Eastern MT Mussel Response (CEMMR) which has evolved into the Central and Eastern MT Invasive Species Team (CEMIST).


The Central and Eastern Montana Invasive Species Team is a grassroots effort to provide a coordinated network for invasive species prevention.


CEMIST fosters thriving landscapes through collaborative efforts for the prevention and management of invasive species.


The CEMIST mission is to protect and preserve the economy and natural resources of communities east of continental divide by facilitating cooperation and coordination at the local level to reduce the threat and impact of invasive species.

 Core Values

  • Unify forces to fortify defenses through local knowledge and expertise
  • Strengthen local communities by amplifying the collective voice
  • Protect native ecosystems

 Overview of the Threat

An invasive species is defined as 1) nonnative to the ecosystem under consideration, and 2) whose introduction causes or is likely to cause economic, environmental, or social harm.  This threat is further complicated by the rural nature of Central and Eastern Montana.

Job Title: CEMIST Program Coordinator

Job Description:

The Petroleum County Conservation District (PCCD) will hire a coordinator to be based in either Winnett or Lewistown to coordinate Central and Eastern Montana Invasive Species Team (CEMIST) efforts.  This person will work with CEMIST members and a professional facilitator to create a strategic plan and action plan and then work towards completing that action plan.  The Program Coordinator will expand the capacity and effectiveness of CEMIST through providing additional administration of CEMIST activities.  These activities will focus on education and outreach opportunities to spread the message of prevention and treatment of invasive species.

Responsibilities: Develop partnerships and build capacity for community-based invasive species prevention and treatment.

  • Work with CEMIST members and a professional facilitator to develop a strategic plan.
  • Work with CEMIST members and a professional facilitator to create an action plan.
  • Look for and apply for funding opportunities for the CEMIST organization.
  • Work with the Montana Invasive Species Council and Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks to create educational material.
  • Update materials in Trade Show boxes for CEMIST.
  • Attend Trade shows and education and outreach events as needed.
  • Assist with Monitoring, monitoring training, ordering supplies for Substrate Kits, Substrate Kit Distribution.
  • Attend a monthly meeting to report on progress made and get further instructions as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Necessary Skills and Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of invasive species in Montana.
  • Knowledge of the structure for prevention and treatment of invasive species in Montana.
  • General knowledge of central and eastern Montana.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Comfort with public speaking and making presentations.
  • Excel, Word, Powerpoint and general computer skills.

It is expected that the coordinator will work from an office space in Winnett, Lewistown, or other central Montana community.  The coordinator will use his/her own vehicle; however, approved travel costs will be paid by the PCCD at the state mileage and per diem rates.

Term: The position is up to full-time for 15 months.

Compensation: $18.50-20/hour

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